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Antique Aquamarine Rings

Find antique aquamarine rings for women, beautiful estate and vintage aquamarine rings, antique aquamarine engagement rings, vintage filigree aquamarine rings, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco aquamarine and diamond rings, and antique aquamarine promise rings, all of which are perfect to wear as antique aquamarine birthstone rings. If you discover a vintage heirloom aquamarine ring that you like, please note that many antique style aquamarine rings in our collection can be crafted with diamonds or your favorite gemstones. Many vintage aquamarine ring designs shown in white gold can also be made in yellow gold, platinum or palladium by special order. Please feel free to contact us for details.

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Aquamarine History and Aquamarine Information

Aquamarine gems have been worn in rings and other jewelry for centuries. Aquamarine mining occurs in Brazil, Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Afghanistan and the United States. Throughout history, aquamarine stones have been viewed as symbols of courage and good luck. Ancient Romans closely associated aquamarine gems with Neptune, god of the sea.

Aquamarine Colors

The source of color in aquamarine is iron, and typical aquamarine color ranges from pale light blue to a grayish medium-dark blue. Aquamarine gems can sometimes have a noticeable greenish tinge of color, with stones displaying a very slightly greenish blue, a medium greenish blue, or even a very strong greenish blue color. Our collection includes unique aquamarine rings across a wide range of color tones and saturations. Aquamarine is part of the gemstone family beryl, which includes emerald, morganite and heliodor.

Aquamarine Characteristics

Suitable for every day wear, aquamarine rings with Art Deco design details were popular during the 1920's. Aquamarine gemstone rings remain in demand due to the appeal of the stone's light blue color, which coordinates well with modern fashions. White metals, such as white gold and platinum, as well as yellow gold bring out the natural beauty of aquamarine. With our large selection of unique and exclusive ring styles, we can help you to create a custom aquamarine ring with your choice of precious metal and a beautiful aqua gemstone.

Aquamarine Wedding Anniversary

Aquamarine is a traditional gemstone choice for celebrating a 16th or 19th wedding anniversary, and an aquamarine anniversary ring makes the perfect gift.

Aquamarine Cleaning and Care

Normal - aquamarine gems do not require any special care to preserve their beauty for a lifetime. To keep your aquamarine ring looking as clean as the first day you received it, aquamarine rings can be cleaned with warm soapy water, or in an ultrasonic cleaner for short periods.