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Iolite Rings  •  Iolite Engagement Rings

View unique iolite rings, antique iolite rings, estate and vintage iolite rings, antique iolite rings, antique style filigree iolite rings, Victorian, Art Deco, and Retro Moderne iolite rings, and antique iolite promise rings, perfect for wear as antique iolite birthstone rings. Looking for an antique style iolite ring? Choose from thousands of exclusive vintage ring styles you can combine with a beautiful natural iolite gemstone to create your own custom iolite engagement ring. Most vintage style iolite rings and antique iolite rings can also be custom made in white gold, yellow gold, platinum, rose gold or palladium by special order. Please contact us for details and help to design your own one of a kind classic iolite engagement ring.

What is Iolite?
Iolite is a natural violet blue gemstone which is desirable as an affordable alternative to tanzanite or blue sapphire gemstones. Iolite can range in tone and saturation (color intensity) and lightness, with the most popular iolite gemstones appearing that of a brilliant violet blue.