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Find antique palladium engagement rings, classic palladium wedding rings, and palladium wedding ring sets. While browsing our antique palladium womens wedding bands and palladium antique engagement rings please note that many vintage ring styles shown in our online store in other metals are available in palladium by special order - please contact us for details.

What is Palladium?
Palladium is a noble precious white metal from the platinum group of elemental metals. It is permanently white and bright like platinum, it resists oxidation and tarnishing like platinum and pure gold, and has been used in jewelry since the 1930's. Our palladium rings are 95% pure palladium with a 5% alloy of ruthenium and other metals, also known as 950 palladium. 950 palladium has approximately the same density (specific gravity) as 14 karat white gold and is about half as heavy as platinum for the same volume of metal. Some customers with metal allergies favor palladium rings for their hypoallergenic qualities, or as an affordable unique white precious metal alternative to platinum.