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Hexagon Rings • Hexagon Engagement Rings

Hexagon rings are defined by a distinctive 6 sided polygonal shaped outline around the center stone. This hexagonal frame is inspired by one of the most common forms in nature, as evidenced in honeycombs, snowflakes and prismsatic shapes.

With a halo of metal around the center stone, hexagon rings have the pleasing benefit of making the stone at the center appear larger than actual size. Our unique collection showcases gorgeous vintage hexagon engagement ring styles in white, yellow, and rose gold, classic hexagon halo engagement rings with diamonds and gemstones, and one-of-a-kind hexagon wedding bands from different eras featuring fine antique details and artisan workmanship. Looking for a bespoke hexagon ring? Most styles in our collection can be customized for you - crafted in all colors of gold, as well as in platinum and palladium, with alternative gems - contact us for details!

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