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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does the Antique Jewelry Mall accept returns?

Absolutely! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

Although we put an enormous amount of effort into making sure that our descriptions and photos accurately represent the fine jewelry we offer for sale, we realize that sometimes minds change or items can look different in person.

You have every right to expect your shopping experience with us to be easy and stress-free. We stand behind the quality and value of every item offered in our fine jewelry collection and we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with any item purchased from us.

It is in this spirit that we are proud to offer a no questions asked 100% MONEY-BACK return policy for 30 days from the time you have received an item from us. Again, we want you to be completely satisfied with your shopping experience at the Antique Jewelry Mall.

If you have browsed for antique jewelry on the internet before, you may have noticed that the many online antique jewelry stores and most "bricks and mortar" local jewelry stores have a very short return period, impose restocking fees on returns, disallow returns of rings which have been resized to the customer's size before purchase, or do not allow returns or refunds at all. Other companies issue partial refunds or store credits (which means you are required to spend with that merchant only) and many have an "All Sales Final" policy, so it is very important before making a buying decision to consider whether you wish to do business with a company that does not stand behind the merchandise they sell.

For details about our return policy or help in returning an item, CLICK HERE.

Can I place my order over the telephone?

Yes! Our customer care experts are vintage jewelry specialists and G.I.A. graduate gemologists, and are waiting to answer your questions and accept orders from 9 - 7 Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Our telephone numbers are as follows:

1-800-360-5970 USA toll-free
1-888-828-0150 Canada toll-free
0-800-808-5150 UK toll-free
1-760-260-9120 International

Does it make any difference whether I place my order on the internet or the telephone?

We welcome telephone contact with our customers and would be happy to take your order by telephone if you prefer. If you are familiar and comfortable with ordering items online, that is fine too. Your information will be secure and protected in what ever way you decide to do business with us, by telephone or over the internet.

Is my personal information secure?

We process all of our orders through the Shopify Secure Server, which utilizes the highest state-of-the-art industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect all personal information for secure e-commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

Millions of online orders are processed safely through the Shopify Secure Server every year. What this all means is that our customers can buy with confidence knowing that their credit card information is EXTREMELY safe and protected by the highest level of technology available. We also do not send unsolicited e-mail and NEVER sell or share any customer information with anyone.

How will I know whether you received my order that I placed online?

After you submit your order, the Antique Jewelry Mall will immediately send you an e-mail confirming your order was received. You will be sent another e-mail when your order has shipped, which will contain a shipment tracking number for your reference so that you can track your package online.

Can I change or cancel my order once it has been submitted?

To change OR cancel your order, you will want to contact us as soon as possible after submitting it. Orders already shipped can not be canceled.

Do you have a military discount?

Yes! In honor of your service to our country, current members and veterans of the US Military are eligible for a 10% discount on purchases of in-stock items with proof of active or reserve duty. A valid US Military ID, or US Military email address is required.

To receive a 10% Military discount and free shipping on your order, please contact us to place your order over the telephone, or via email at

Please Note: Discounts are not applicable to custom orders, special orders, loose diamond purchases, ring sizing charges, or sale-price items.

Do you have payment plans or financing options?

We have two kinds of financing options available: Klarna "pay later" financing at checkout (on approved credit), and 60 day layaways with no pre-approval required.
Learn more about Klarna financing.
Learn more about 60 Day layaways.

Why does my order require a signature?

Your order requires an adult signature because all orders are shipped fully insured for your protection, and both the United States Post Office and the private insurance company which insures our Federal Express shipments require that an adult at your shipping address signs for your insured package upon delivery. 

What happens if my order is lost or stolen during shipping before I receive it?

All shipments from the Antique Jewelry Mall are sent fully insured via the United States Postal Service or Federal Express. You are not in any way responsible for the loss of a parcel until you or someone at your shipping address has signed for it.

Can I have an order sent to an address other than my billing address?

Of course! If you would like to have an order delivered as a gift or to an address other than your credit card billing address (such as work or school), simply notify your credit card provider that you would like an alternate shipping address for the purpose of internet and mail order purchases added to the notes in your account so that your shipping address can be verified by our billing department.

Does the Antique Jewelry Mall charge sales tax or handling charges?

We are located in California state and collect sales tax only on orders shipped to addresses in California as required by law. We do not charge any "handling" or "service" charges of any sort.

We do not collect any United States sales tax on international orders, but any additional Duty fees, Customs, VAT, Import Taxes, or other point of entry charges for shipments outside of the continental United States that may be owed to a foreign country are to be paid by the customer.

Does the Antique Jewelry Mall have International shipping?

We receive many orders from outside the United States and have shipped orders to satisfied happy customers from all over the world! 

International ordering information is viewable HERE.

Do you have a store that I can visit?

We do not have a retail store location, and our jewelry designs are not sold in jewelry stores - we are firmly opposed to the usual commission-based, high sales pressure jewelry store environment.

You can feel comfortable contacting us with your questions as our associates do NOT work on commission - we are proud to offer our customers an enjoyable personalized online shopping experience free of sales pressure.

Our live customer service associates are more experienced and have significantly more gem and jewelry education than an average jewelry store salesperson, and are available to answer your questions by telephone or email.

Purchasing fine jewelry directly from us through the web or by telephone is easy and our 30-day return policy guarantees your satisfaction with every purchase.

How can I find out my ring size?

We have a ring sizer for you to use, which you can print out and use to measure your finger. For our International customers, we have an  international ring size conversion chart.

How long does ring sizing take?

Ring sizing normally takes from 3-6 business days.

What if I want to return a ring that has been sized?

Rings sized by us are completely returnable for a refund of the entire purchase price less the non-refundable ring sizing charge - once we pay to have a ring sized we can not get the money back for the sizing work done, so we do not give refunds for ring sizing charges.

Rings sized by YOUR jeweler would be considered altered and will not be accepted for return, refund, exchange or credit.

Do you guarantee your ring sizing?

Absolutely. We have our own company jewelers and we guarantee that every ring sizing is done in a solid and strong way with the correct metal used for a permanent solder joint.

I do not know the ring size I need right now - can I have my ring sized by the Antique Jewelry Mall at a future time?

Yes! If you are giving a ring for an engagement or for a surprise gift, do not know your own ring size, or would like to wait to see the ring you are purchasing in person before having it sized, our talented jewelers can size the ring after purchase for you. We are specialists in sizing rings with intricate design details and can expertly size your ring for you when you are ready.

What if I want my own jeweler to size my new ring?

Please be aware that rings altered in any way by an outside jeweler are NOT returnable for refund, exchange, or credit.

Sizing a ring involves heating the metal to a very high temperature and damage to gemstones and the rest of a ring can occur during sizing. Our talented jewelers are specialists in sizing rings with intricate design details and when we size a ring we take full responsibility for the quality of the work done, but we can obviously not guarantee the work of others.

Please also note that we offer a 1 year warranty on our jewelry items over $450, which will be voided if your ring is sized by your jeweler.

If you are going to have your ring sized by your jeweler, it is a good idea to have the jeweler guarantee in writing their sizing work against future breakage and damage to the sizing area and the ring itself.

Be sure to also make certain that the jeweler is sizing your ring with the same metal and karat (if gold) as the metal in your ring. We have seen platinum rings in particular, sized with white gold, and sometimes even yellow gold, and then plated with white gold, which is completely wrong and does not make for a strong sizing joint and will also not match in color with the rest of the ring.

We have had many customers who are unsure of the size they need, who have purchased their ring first, and then sent it back to us for sizing. Most of our customers have found that our ring sizing charges are more reasonable than the average retail jeweler would charge, and customers also feel added confidence in the fact that we also fully guarantee our work.

How much will ring sizing cost me in the future?

Pricing for ring sizing is dependent on the ring metal and style - please feel free to contact us for an exact ring resizing price for your ring, before or after you purchase.

I would like to send the ring I purchased back for expert sizing, how do I proceed?

Please contact us by email or telephone, so that a customer service representative can give you easy mailing instructions on safely returning your ring to us for expert sizing, and an authorization number for your ring sizing order.

What are the qualifications of the representative who will be answering my e-mail or telephone call?

All e-mail and telephone inquiries are answered by one of several G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists on our staff in the United States, with a combined total of over 60 years experience in the area of fine antique and estate jewelry.

We are passionate about antique and estate jewelry and take all customer inquiries seriously. We also welcome your questions regarding diamonds, gemstones, and antique and estate jewelry, but do not give appraisals of value over the telephone or over the internet.

What is a Gemologist?

A gemologist is a person who has completed the Graduate Diamonds, Diamond Grading, and Graduate Colored Stones courses of study at the Gemological Institute of America.

Only a small percentage of jewelers ever complete the G.I.A. course of study. We are extremely proud to have several G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists available on our staff to provide expert customer assistance via telephone and email.

How can I be sure that what I am buying is genuine?

Our G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists appraise every piece that comes into our inventory and we guarantee our description of every item to be accurate and correct.

You can feel completely confident shopping with us risk-free as we would not be offering FREE shipping and a liberal return policy if we were misrepresenting our jewelry - our money back guarantee ensures that you can be completely satisfied with the quality of merchandise that you order.

Our 30 day return policy gives our customers plenty of time to have their purchase evaluated by anyone they choose and to return an item for a full refund if they wish, but in practice we have very few customers who actually make the decision to return their purchases.

Do you use genuine gemstones in your jewelry?

All of the gemstones offered in our jewelry are naturally occurring and NOT synthetic or simulated gemstones unless otherwise clearly indicated in the item specifications, for example, cubic zirconia.

It is of note to add that the overwhelming majority of natural rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, amethyst, and citrine available on the market are subjected to heat treatment under high heat in a kiln to intensify their color and remove natural impurities and imperfections, which is a practice that has been going on for centuries.

Gemstones that have not been enhanced in this way are extremely rare and command high prices. Heat treatment is a stable and permanent enhancement which completes a process that nature started, enhancing a gemstone to beautiful and intense colors, and is not done by jewelers like us, but by the gemstone miners/producers and cutters themselves.

The jewelry industry completely accepts heating as an acceptable and permanent treatment for corundum (rubies and sapphires), aquamarine, amethyst, and other gemstones.

Please note that we do NOT sell jewelry with fissure filled or fracture filled gemstones, nor do we offer diffusion treated (dyed) or laser drilled gemstones as we feel that these treatments are too extreme and compromise the stability and durability of a gemstone.

You may read more about gemstone enhancement on the American Gem Trade Association website here:

Can I get an appraisal with my jewelry purchase?

All diamond rings that we sell set with a diamond of over 1/4 carat (0.25 carat) are accompanied by a Gemological Laboratory Certificate from an independent laboratory validating the diamond's quality (clarity, cut, color, and carat weight).

With regard to all other jewelry items, we guarantee everything we sell to be exactly as described, but we do not give "certified appraisals" of our own jewelry items. The practice of self-appraisals, especially at inflated prices over what the customer actually paid for an item is dishonest and not a practice we endorse. For insurance replacement purposes, we highly recommend keeping your original invoice and a copy of the original item page from our website with its detailed description and photo(s) of the item you purchased in your important documents file.

If you need another opinion on your purchase, we recommend that you take your jewelry item to an independent appraiser during the 30 day time period we provide for returns. The best appraiser is an independent appraiser, i.e., someone who is a member of a recognized appraisal society such as ASA or ISA, who has received formal training in appraisal science, appraises items for insurance and estate purposes, and one who does not sell diamonds or jewelry.

While most jewelers are quite reputable, the majority of jewelers sell new jewelry only, and are NOT trained in appraisal science, and there are unfortunately ones who will tell you the jewelry or diamond you bought is problematic just because he/she wants to sell you one of his/her own diamond or jewelry items. In addition, most retail jewelers who sell new modern jewelry have NO experience with the period styles, methods of manufacture, and valuation of antique and estate jewelry and are completely unable to provide an accurate value for such items.

It is a good idea to steer clear of jewelers who offer "FREE Verbal Appraisals". An actual appraisal document is just that, a document which sets a basis for value, most often for insurance replacement purposes in the event of a loss. A verbal appraisal gives the consumer no legal documented proof of the specific details about and detailed description of an item which is absolutely necessary for insurance replacement in the event of theft or loss. Jewelers who give verbal appraisals do NOT have the best interest of the customer in mind.

Before hiring an appraiser it is important that you ask about his/her qualifications. Be sure to ask about:

  • Formal Education: Courses or training programs in valuation science and appraisal methodology, appraisal theory, principles, procedures and ethics. (Personal property appraisers are NOT government licensed. Anyone who wants to call themselves a jewelry appraiser can, even if they lack the training or qualifications to appraise.)
  • Professional Memberships: Belonging to organizations such as the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) or ISA (International Society of Appraisers) attest to the appraiser's commitment to keeping current on appraisal standards.
  • Gemological Certification: Gemological training is important but is only a part of the education for a jewelry appraiser. Gemology training does not take the place of formal appraisal valuation education.

You can learn more about professional appraisals and find a highly respected trained and accredited appraiser in your area (a member of ISA or ASA) here:

American Society of Appraisers -

International Society of Appraisers -

A good written jewelry appraisal from an independent appraiser should include the following:

  1. The date the appraisal was done.
  2. The name of the person requesting the appraisal.
  3. What purpose / function the appraisal will serve - ex: whether the appraisal is for insurance replacement, estate (taxation) or other purposes.
  4. A full typewritten description of the item being appraised, complete with weights, measurements, gemstone weights, measurements, color, clarity and all other descriptive information necessary for a complete and accurate description of the item.
  5. Large diamonds should be plotted in order to allow for future identification.
  6. At least one detailed photograph of the item.
  7. The final component is the value conclusion - an explanation of what the value represents, replacement cost, liquidation cost etc., and how the value conclusion was reached.

Please keep in mind that a genuine written jewelry appraisal from an independent trained appraiser will not be free - again, jewelry stores which offer "free" appraisals generally do NOT have the best interest of the customer in mind - they are generally interested in attracting a customer so that they can convince the customer to do something that is in THE STORE'S best interest.

Why is a Diamond Report ( Certificate ) from an independent laboratory important?

We provide a diamond "certificate" report from the Gemological Institute of America, the European Gemological Laboratory, or International Gemological Institute with all loose diamonds and for diamond rings set with a diamond of over 1/4 carat (0.25 carat) because we want our customers to feel secure about the diamond they are purchasing before, during and after their important diamond purchase.

You can shop at the Antique Jewelry Mall with confidence knowing that not only do we guarantee what we sell to be exactly as described, but that your included Diamond Laboratory Report from an internationally respected independent laboratory affirms the value and quality of your diamond. Also of added benefit to you is the fact that a diamond with a certificate is easier to insure, and more straight forward for an insurance company to replace with an item of equal value and quality in the unfortunate event of a loss. Diamonds and diamond rings which include a Diamond Report ( Certificate ) at time of purchase will clearly note this fact in the item description.

How can I learn more about diamond quality before I purchase an engagement ring?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) set the standards for diamond grading which the entire jewelry industry follows today. Their website at has excellent guides to help consumers learn about diamonds and understand and evaluate diamond quality characteristics.

What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

White gold appears very similar to platinum, but the two have different properties and prices. Platinum is whiter and more lustrous than white gold. Platinum is extremely dense and is much heavier than silver or gold, which makes platinum jewelry heavier than white gold jewelry of the same design and size. Platinum is a very strong metal and will not tarnish. It is hypoallergenic. Platinum is more rare than gold which makes it more expensive. Platinum belongs to a family of six metals, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. Platinum is the best choice for setting extremely valuable gemstones most securely, and its neutral color complements colored stones beautifully and enhances the brilliance and whiteness of diamonds. Platinum will not wear out easily and is difficult to damage but it is also difficult to repair and fewer jewelers have the tools and experience for working with platinum. Platinum jewelry is 90% platinum content or greater.

Gold in its pure form (24 karat) is too soft to withstand extensive daily wear, so it is alloyed with other metals to give it strength. This strength makes gold an excellent choice for rings, which of all jewelry items are generally subject to the most wear and abuse over time. White gold is an alloy of gold and other metals including nickel, copper, and zinc, in which yellow gold is the main component and the alloys cause the gold to appear white and also give it strength. The color of white gold is ivory white, so white gold is often plated with rhodium, a platinum group metal which is more precious than gold and which gives white gold jewelry items a bright white high shine. Repairs and adjustments to gold settings will usually be necessary over the lifetime of a piece. This is usual and does not present any difficulty because gold is easy to repair and refurbish, and the majority of jewelers are accustomed to working with gold.

Gold jewelry has gold content as follows:

  • 8 karat (8K) = 33.3% gold
  • 9 karat (9K) = 37.5% gold
  • 10 karat (10K) = 41.6% gold
  • 12 karat (12K) = 50% gold
  • 14 karat (14K) = 58.5% gold
  • 18 karat (18K) = 75% gold
  • 20 karat (20K) = 83.3% gold
  • 22 karat (22K) = 91.7% gold
  • 24 karat (24K) = 100% gold

What is estate jewelry?

Estate jewelry is any jewelry that has been previously owned. 


Are all items at the Antique Jewelry Mall vintage and antique jewelry?

We have jewelry dating from the 1850's to the present. Our primary business is antiques and the majority of the jewelry on our website is antique and vintage estate jewelry. However, finding old jewelry in excellent condition is difficult, so occasionally when we come across a wonderful old jewelry item that attracts positive attention from our customers and staff, we make a model based on the piece so that we can craft a reproduction of it in the future. A majority of our customers have expressed a preference for an attractive, detailed, exact hand crafted reproduction of an antique original piece in strong, excellent new condition at a lower price compared to a worn out antique jewelry item that has seen better days.

If you are looking through our website for a vintage item ONLY, you will note in the item descriptions that one-of-a-kind vintage items will give a time period (ex: circa 1910) or mention the words antique, estate, vintage, or one-of-a-kind in the item description. We never label any items as vintage that are not, but style is timeless, hence a Victorian ring, for example, would correctly be described as Victorian by virtue of its design and would only be described as antique or vintage if it in fact is truly old. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about any item you are considering.

Do you have a wedding band that will fit flush next to an engagement ring I have chosen?

We have some vintage wedding sets in uncommon excellent condition, and several of our antique reproduction engagement rings have matching wedding bands. Not all rings in our inventory are pictured in our online store. If you are interested in a particular engagement ring and would like to know if a wedding band is available specifically for it, please contact us.

Please note while the majority of antique engagement rings are curved and not flat on the sides, that when these engagement rings were originally designed, it was customary to wear a curved engagement ring next to a straight wedding band. Two such rings worn together would not have been snugly fitted flush against each other with no space between the rings, unlike a modern wedding set.

It is completely acceptable and "period correct" to choose an engagement ring independently of your selection of a wedding band. Vintage rings were traditionally purchased and worn in this way, and in most cases were never meant to fit together tightly without spaces.

The idea of closely fitted matching wedding ring sets has gained popularity with modern customers who are accustomed to seeing contemporary mass-produced wedding jewelry styles with flush construction, as well as in budget priced wedding ring sets manufactured from the 1950's to the present day.

Can I get a ring I see on the website set with other gemstone(s)?

It is possible to craft many of our rings with alternate gemstones or diamonds (natural and lab created). Our jewelers can work with you to personally design a bespoke customized fine jewelry piece with the stone(s) of your choice in the ring of your choice. Learn more about stone setting.

Please contact us via e-mail or telephone with the item number(s) of the ring(s) you are interested in as well as the gemstone or diamond you are considering, and we will be happy to provide you with more information, including pricing and time frame to create your special ring.

What is the difference between a special order and a custom order?

A common example of a custom order would be an order for a ring that is pictured on the website with a gemstone, and then ordered without the gemstone. Custom order items are returnable for a refund.

A special order is an order for an item that is personalized to such an extent that we would not be able to sell the item to another customer. Special order items are not returnable for a refund, exchange or credit.

Examples of special orders are items engraved with personal messages, non-recommended alterations to an item at a customer's request, one-of-a-kind designs made specifically for a customer, items made at the customer's request with gemstones not offered in an original piece, and some items crafted in a metal other than the metal originally shown.

If you have been considering ordering an item from us that is not pictured online, and feel unsure as to whether it would be considered a custom order or a special order, please feel free to ask! 

Why is there a photo of an item on the website which is no longer available for sale?

We keep photos online of sold items sometimes if a similar item is available but not yet pictured in our online store. Many of our customers will have found an item that almost appeals to them, and by keeping photos of items posted for a period of time after they have been sold, we are able to suggest similar items and to accommodate the inquiries and preferences of many customers.

How often are items added to the website?

Items are added to the website every day. Because we obtain vintage items faster than we can post them to the web, we always have many pieces which are not yet pictured in our online store. We also are able to craft infinite variations of our antique replica items, and these variations are not usually pictured online. So if you are looking for a particular item, please do not hesitate to contact us - we might just have it!