Eco Friendly Reclaimed & Recycled Metal Jewelry

Ethically Repurposed Recycled Metals

Since 1992, we have specialized in one of a kind, pre-loved genuine estate jewelry pieces and vintage engagement rings, as well as artisan crafted reproductions of original antique jewelry items.

If you are considering a replica heirloom engagement ring or wedding band design, you can shop with confidence knowing that our antique reproduction ring designs are 100% hand crafted in the USA by our own talented jewelers.

Our control over the creation of our jewelry allows us to ensure that ethically sourced and responsibly recycled metals are used in the fabrication of our gold, platinum, palladium and sterling silver jewelry items.

The recycled metals in our jewelry are expertly reclaimed and re-refined according to industry best practices. Items crafted from these high quality ethically repurposed metals are guaranteed to be as good as new.

We never simply reuse metal by melting it down in small batches without employing correct re-processing methods, as doing so changes the character and properties of metal, resulting in jewelry of questionable quality and durability.

And, because mining and processing of precious metals can be exploitative and polluting, for many years we have also worked only with established US precious metal suppliers who guarantee in writing that their refining methods have as low an impact to the environment as possible.

In addition, all of our gemstones are chosen by our own GIA Gemologists with an emphasis on gem quality, ethical suppliers, and environmentally conscious sourcing.

Because we have own jewelry workshop in the USA, we have been able to offer eco-friendly premium jewelry at affordable and fair prices for over 20 years, for sale through our online store directly to our customers, with no middleman.

You can choose from one of our thousands of exquisite exclusive ring styles, or unleash your creativity by working with us to customize our rings with your favorite metals and gemstones to design a one of a kind engagement ring or wedding band with a very personal meaning - that you will never see on anyone else!