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Stone Setting Questions and Answers

When you purchase a ring setting and a loose diamond or gemstone from us, the stone you choose will be set into your ring selection free of charge. Your one of a kind custom ring will arrive complete and ready for presentation in a lovely ring box!


How Much Does It Cost To Set A Diamond?

When you purchase a ring setting and a loose diamond from us, our expert jewelers set the diamond you've chosen, FREE of any additional stone-setting charges.

When Will My Diamond Ring Ship?

Your completed ring will ship within 3-6 business days from your order date, for in-stock ring settings. Any ring style which takes longer to craft will have an exact time frame for completion of the ring clearly noted on the ring item page.

If you choose to have your ring resized at the time of purchase, your stone will be set within the same time frame for our jewelers to resize your ring, so you can still expect your ring to be completed within 3-6 business days, for in stock ring setting styles.

Is A Diamond Certificate Included?

All diamonds for sale include an independent EGL USA Laboratory Grading Report certificate with a unique report number, documenting the carat weight, color, clarity, and dimensions for your specific diamond.

Which Diamond Should I Choose?

Choosing a diamond can seem complicated, but when viewing loose diamonds in person with human eyes and no microscope, visual differences between stones are actually very small and hard to detect, unless stones are compared loose and side by side.

Your selection should depend on the budget, color, and clarity characteristics you are most comfortable with. We don't keep any diamonds in our collection which would appear unattractive in our rings, so you can't make a bad choice.

GIA Gemologist Diamond Experts Are Here To Help!

We are here to help you understand and narrow down the difference between diamond choices, with no commissions or sales pressure. Please feel free to call and speak to a GIA Gemologist if you would like more information about any of our diamonds, or if you are just beginning your search for the perfect stone!