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Diamond Price Match Program

You probably have noticed that our exclusive collection of unique ring designs includes thousands of ring settings with no stones, but you may have wondered how you can create your own custom engagement ring by matching one of our vintage ring setting styles with a loose natural diamond or lab created diamond.

With our large diamond inventory and membership in the world’s largest diamond trading networks, our expert GIA Gemologists can find a diamond for you within your budget, and according to your diamond quality criteria.

You can shop with confidence for your loose diamond with us, as the Antique Jewelry Mall Diamond Price Match Program ensures that you will pay a fair price for your diamond.


How it Works

Simply contact us by telephone or email to discuss your diamond price and quality specifications.

An Antique Jewelry Mall Customer Care Representative will then work to find a matching loose diamond for you to consider. If you have found an online loose diamond elsewhere and would like a price match, we will attempt to find a similar diamond at the same or a lower price for your consideration.


No Commision, No Pressure

Antique Jewelry Mall Customer Care Representatives are not on commission.

We guarantee that when you call us, you will NOT experience any sales pressure to buy at any time. You will speak directly to a GIA Gemologist diamond expert in the USA. Our GIA Gemologist customer care representatives are happy to help you match a unique ring setting from our collection with a loose diamond.

We are here to explain the differences between diamond choices, and clarify the meaning of important diamond characteristics in terms that are easy to understand, even if that means you already have your diamond or are going to purchase a diamond elsewhere. 


Finding a Matching Diamond

All diamonds are unique, so in order to compare stones with similar characteristics, our Diamond Price Match Program requires that diamonds have a diamond grading report (diamond certificate) from one of the following independent laboratories:


  1. the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  2. the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGS)
  3. the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) in New York or Los Angeles.
  4. the International Gemological Institude (IGI) for lab created diamonds.

In determining similarities as closely as possible, diamonds will be compared according to the following criteria: origin (natural or lab created), cut, color, clarity, and carat weight (the 4 C’s), shape, fluorescence, polish, symmetry, measurements, table and depth percentage, enhancements (if any), grading laboratory, length to width proportions for fancy shapes, etc.


Free Diamond Setting

When you purchase one of our ring settings, and you also purchase your loose diamond from us, your stone will be expertly set into your new ring by our jewelers at no additional labor cost.

To learn more, email us or call us to speak with an Antique Jewelry Mall Customer Care Representative.


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