• 0.32 Carat Loose Old European Cut Diamond I Color VS2 Clarity - Item: D183 - Image: 1
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0.32 Carat Loose Old European Cut Diamond I Color VS2 Clarity

This 0.32 carat antique loose Old European cut diamond is a one of a kind diamond, hand polished from an original diamond rough crystal over 90 years ago.

Mined from the earth early in the early 1900's, this old cut diamond was hand faceted using old-world traditional diamond cutting procedures, before today's modern computer aided cutting methods. This early Old European cut diamond has all of the authentic and desirable characteristics of a completely artisan hand crafted old diamond. The high VS2 clarity, old cut facet proportions and small table of this diamond give it a timeless eye appeal and very high level of brilliance!

This vintage Old European diamond was removed by our jewelers from an old estate engagement ring which had been worn thin beyond repair. This stunning genuine antique diamond is a perfect match for our vintage engagement ring mounting styles and is an ideal affordable conflict free, eco friendly, ethical non blood diamond choice.

This Old European cut diamond comes with a diamond report from the European Gemological Laboratory ( EGL USA ). It's easy to choose an engagement ring mount and design your own antique style custom engagement ring with this unique Old European cut diamond!

Diamond Details

Stock NumberD183
OriginNatural Diamond
Weight0.32 Carat
ShapeOld European Cut
Diamond ReportEGLLA
Measurements4.18 x 4.08 x 2.87 mm
Depth %69.5
Table %53
GirdleVery Thin; Slightly Thick
CuletSlightly Large