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Victorian Lava Cameo Antique Bracelet in Sterling Silver

The excavations that began at the ruins of Pompeii, Italy in the late 1700's had a widespread influence on the culture of the period. By the mid 1800's artifacts from the site had become popular and Italians began to carve cameos from the multicolored lava flows of Mount Vesuvius. Lava cameo set jewelry reached the height of its popularity during the Victorian era.

This Victorian lava cameo antique bracelet dates from the mid 1800's and features bezel set cameos depicting a female in profile, measuring 12.5 millimeters high and hand carved in yellow, gray and red lava. Made in Italy, the bracelet is hand finished in Sterling Silver and mesaures 7 inches long. These cameos show wear due to to age which does not affect the wearability of this wonderful lava bracelet. A fabulous piece of ancient history to collect and wear!