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Choosing Ring Sizes & Ring Sizing: Frequently Asked Questions

Giving a Ring as a Surprise? Don't Know The Ring Size You Need?

  1. Contact us to find out current availability for an in-stock ring size  before placing your order for a gold, platinum, or palladium ring.
  2. We'll send you the in-stock ring size, along with a ring size measuring kit.
  3. Contact us within 60 days of receiving your order, for instructions on safely sending your ring to us for expert resizing by our jewelers.
  4. Your ring will be resized for FREE and returned to you via insured USPS or FedEx service at no charge after sizing is complete!
Ring size choices are listed on every item page.

Please note that eternity rings and wedding bands with patterns all the way around can not be resized. For those non-resizable ring styles, we strongly recommend having your finger professionally measured in person with bands in the same width as the ring you will be purchasing.

Unsure as to whether a ring can be resized, need a size not shown, or other guidance? Contact Us


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ring sizing?

Most rings we offer can be made larger or smaller in size a process called "ring sizing" or "ring re-sizing". Rings which can be safely sized to another ring size have ring sizing as a separate orderable option right on the item page. So, if you like a ring and the ring is not listed in your ring size, you can choose optional ring sizing by our jewelers when you place your order so that your ring will fit you perfectly when you receive it!


How long does ring sizing take?

Expert ring sizing by our jewelers normally takes from 3-6 business days. Need a ring resized sooner? Our jewelers can sometimes accommodate a rush order for an additional charge. Please contact us by telephone for assistance.


Does ring sizing weaken a ring?

Not at all, when done correctly. Our jewelers NEVER thin out bands to resize a ring. If a ring is going up to a larger size, we add matching metal to increase the ring size at the same original band thickness. If a ring is going down in size, our jewelers measure the thickness of the band before resizing and carefully resize the ring proportionally for long term wearability and durability. Inexperienced jewelers thin out rings during resizing because they file away too much metal when resizing and / or stretch rings in order to resize them. For this reason, our warranty only covers rings resized by our own expert jewelers.


Do you guarantee your ring sizing?

Absolutely! We have our own company jewelers and we guarantee that every ring sizing is done in a solid and strong way with the correct metal used for a permanent solder joint.


How do I find out my ring size?

To avoid the disappointment and hassle of receiving an incorrect size and having to return an item, please be certain of your ring size before placing your order.

We recommend the following tips for determining ring size:

  1. Have a ring which already fits you professionally measured by a jeweler. If you do not have a ring to measure, you will need to measure your finger.
  2. If you are measuring your finger, measure your finger when it is warm - finger sizes change throughout the day, depending on temperature, activity, and diet. A ring which fits well will slide on easily but will offer a bit of resistance for a couple of seconds when being removed from the finger.
  3. Ring size is generally 1/2 size larger for the fingers on the dominant hand (the one used for writing).
  4. If your finger is a lot larger around the knuckle than at the base of your finger, you will want to choose a size that slides on with a small bit of effort, with the ring fitting snugly enough over your knuckle with a bit of resistance as you slip it on so that even if your ring is loose at the base of your finger, your ring will not slip off.
  5. It is a good idea to have your finger sized by trying on plain wedding bands in a jewelry store or department store in the same width of the band you are purchasing. Some jewelers will attempt to size your finger using a collection of very thin rings which are attached to a large ring (the whole thing looks like an old time "jailhouse" key ring). We do NOT recommend this method as the only method of determining your ring size, as these rings are considerably thinner than most rings and many of our customers have ordered rings in too small a size after having their finger sized with these very thin rings.
  6. When purchasing a band 4 millimeters or wider, you should try on a wedding band in the exact width of the band you will be purchasing. Please note that in wider bands most customers will need to order a larger ring size than usual, due to the amount of space that a wider ring will cover on the finger and the space needed to slip over the knuckle. For rings from 4-6 millimeters wide, the majority of customers need a 1/4 to 1/2 size larger than their usual ring size, for rings from 7-12 millimeters wide, most customers will need a ring 3/4 to 1 size larger than their usual ring size.
  7. Rings can be sized to 1/4 sizes, but generally 1/4 sizes are more relevant in smaller finger sizes.
  8. Please keep in mind that fingers are soft and not completely round (unlike a metal ring), and that the best ring fit for you will be one that will stay on your finger securely and comfortably.
  9. Please remember, the best and most accurate way to determine ring size is to have your finger measured with a ring in the same millimeter (mm) width as the ring you are considering purchasing. We also have an international ring sizing chart and a printable ring sizer for your general reference.

How do I convert US ring sizes to an International ring size?

To convert a US ring size to an International size, use our International Ring Size Conversion Chart.

What if I want my own jeweler to size my new ring?

Please be aware that rings altered in any way by an outside jeweler are NOT returnable for refund, exchange, or credit. Sizing a ring involves heating the metal to a very high temperature and damage to gemstones and the rest of a ring can occur during sizing. Our talented jewelers are specialists in sizing rings with intricate design details and when we size a ring we take full responsibility for the quality of the work done, but we can obviously not guarantee the work of others. Please also note that we offer a 1 Year Warranty on our jewelry items over $450, which will be voided if your ring is sized by your jeweler.

If you are going to have your ring sized by your jeweler, it is a good idea to have the jeweler guarantee in writing their sizing work against future breakage and damage to the sizing area and the ring itself. Be sure to also make certain that the jeweler is sizing your ring with the same metal and karat (if gold) as the metal in your ring. We have seen platinum rings in particular, sized with white gold, and sometimes even yellow gold, and then plated with white gold, which is completely wrong and does not make for a strong sizing joint and will also not match in color with the rest of the ring. We have had many customers who are unsure of the size they need who have purchased their ring first and then sent it back to us for sizing. Most of our customers have found that our ring sizing charges are more reasonable than the average retail jeweler would charge, and customers also feel added confidence in the fact that we also fully guarantee our work.

I do not know the ring size I need right now - can I have my ring sized by the Antique Jewelry Mall at a future time?

Yes! If you are giving a ring for an engagement or for a surprise gift, do not know your own ring size, or would like to wait to see the ring you are purchasing in person before having it sized, our talented jewelers can size the ring after purchase for you. We are specialists in sizing rings with intricate design details and can expertly size your ring for you when you are ready.

How much will ring sizing cost me in the future?

If you do not know your ring size, or decide not to have your ring resized when you place your order, you can send your ring back to us for one complementary expert ring resizing (gold, platinum, or palladium rings) within 60 days of the date you received your order. Sterling silver rings are not eligible for free ring re-sizing.

Pricing for all ring sizing options after 60 days is dependent on the ring metal and style - please feel free to contact us for an exact price for your ring.

For Women's Rings which have sizing as an orderable option, ring sizing is generally possible from a size 4.5 to a size 9.5.

For Men's Rings which have sizing as an orderable option, ring sizing is generally possible from a size 7 to a size 13.5.

Rings can sometimes be sized to even larger and / or smaller sizes than listed online, which would depend on an individual ring's structure as evaluated by our jewelers and would be done at an additional non-refundable cost. 

Rings which can be sized by our jewelers have ring sizing as a separate orderable option on the individual ring item page. Rings with patterns which encircle the entire ring or which are set with gemstones which encircle the entire ring are not re-sizeable, and we do not offer ring sizing options on such rings.

Please note that once your ring has already been resized by our jewelers, future resizing may incur an additional charge, dependent on the resizing difficulty, ring metal, ring design, and new desired size.

Can I get future ring sizing?

If you are in a rush or you don't know your ring size, contact us before placing  your order so that we can send you an in-stock ring size, and include a complementary ring size measuring kit with your order. Once you receive your ring and determine your correct ring size, simply contact us within 60 days of receipt of your order for a Ring Sizing Authorization Code and instructions on safely sending your ring back to us for your Free ring resizing.

I purchased a ring from you and would like to send it back to you for expert sizing, how do I proceed?

Please contact us by telephone or email, so that a customer service representative can give you easy mailing instructions on safely returning your ring to us for expert sizing, and an authorization number for your ring sizing order.

What if I want to return a ring that has been sized?

Rings sized by us are completely returnable for a refund of the ring purchase price minus any customer paid ring sizing charges. Rings sized by your jeweler would be considered altered and will not be accepted for return, refund, exchange or credit.

Need more information about ring sizing? Please contact us!